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Electronic plasters for monitoring bones

A team of researchers from the University of Arizona developed a super-thin wireless device that works permanently with the Bone surface merges. A new electronic circuit solution of this kind, the so-called Osseo-Surface electronics, is in an in Nature Communications. published article.

The outer layers of the bone are renewed in the same way as the outer layers of the skin. So if a traditional glue was used to attach something to the bone, it would fall off after a few months. That is why the co-author of the study, John Szivek from the BIO5 Institute, developed an adhesive that Calcium molecules contains, the atomic structure of which is similar to that of bone cells. The chip is very thin - as thick as a piece of paper - so it doesn't irritate the muscle tissue that comes into contact with the bones.

 Image source: Shutterstock / Which

The result is a electronic systemthat can monitor bone health over a long period of time. For example, a doctor could attach the device to a broken or broken bone to monitor the healing process. Close monitoring of the bones would allow doctors to make more precise decisions about those Drug dosage hold true.