Digital Tbucket Tank (DTT)

Digital think tank web care and maintenance

Professional website maintenance - added value for your customers

Many companies, associations and institutions often do not have the time or the staff to put up-to-date information, products and offers on their website or Online Store or to maintain and monitor success in their social media channel. Professional maintenance of your website (collection of ideas, preparation and publication) often takes up a lot of time that you or your employees need for other, ongoing work. In terms of search engine ranking, it is also helpful to post high-quality and unique content on a regular basis.

Digital Think Tank offers you professional support, care and maintenance of your website cheaply and easily. We support you to keep your website up to date and to continuously monitor your success.

Be it that we bring your given texts online or that we create and publish informal, easily readable and search engine optimized content for your target group. We offer the right package for your needs! We also maintain your social media channel (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google MyBusiness, Xing, LinkedIn etc.) and monitor the success of your website if you wish.

Website content and graphics

Every website lives through unique content and appealing images or videos. Individual, easily readable and informal texts are not only important when addressing your customers. Well-written and structured website content also helps you to achieve a better ranking in the common search engines and thus to a higher conversation rate, ie when acquiring new customers and addressing your existing customers.

Digital Think Tank specializes in creating individual and search engine optimized texts and graphics for your homepage and reliably integrates your current information into your website. It doesn't matter whether you need one-off support or regular new content for your website or online shop, e.g. for your blog or channel. We will discuss your needs with you and make you an individual offer - one-off or as a fixed-term contract.

Maintenance of your social media presence

Social media channels only become interesting through regular, well-prepared content. In social networks you can deliver new information directly to your customers and target new customers.

When it comes to maintaining your social media channel, Digital Think Tank ensures that your content ideas are collected, prepared in a target group-oriented manner and regularly posted online. If necessary, we can also relieve you of communication with your customers in the social networks and evaluate the success of the posts for you. We would be happy to make you an offer that is precisely tailored to your needs!

Website monitoring - evaluation of the success of your content

For the success of a website and a social media channel, it is crucial that you address your customers and prospects in a targeted manner. In order to be able to monitor this and to adapt and control the content in a targeted manner, there are various traffic reports that make your work easier. In addition, it is also helpful to continuously monitor and analyze the websites of competitors in order to stand out from the users and to assert oneself against the competition.

At Digital Think Tank, we evaluate your traffic and compile the data clearly for you. We also keep an eye on your competitors for you and collect relevant data for you in order to help you achieve even greater success. After the evaluation, we will discuss a strategy together to help you get more traffic and thus more customers and sales. Speak Feel free to contact us!

Website maintenance - so that your homepage runs flawlessly

In order to protect your website from potential attacks and to maintain its functionality, regular maintenance of your homepage or your online shop is essential. This is how your CMS (Content Management Systems) and the installed plugins can be carried out quickly, as these can protect against possible security gaps or expand the functionality, among other things.

In addition, your website should be backed up regularly so that in the event of an attack or a faulty plug-in you can quickly and easily switch back to a previous version of your website. This ensures that you can be reached again quickly by your customers and that there are no downtimes that last for days or even weeks. With our website monitoring, update and backup service, you don't have to worry about anything - Digital Think Tank keeps your website running, once or regularly in a maintenance contract.

Updates and backups

Digital Think Tank carries out regular updates for you and backups Of your CMS system and the installed plugins securely and reliably. You don't need to worry about anything. In the backup service we create backup copies of your data and save them on our local server. In addition, you will regularly receive the backups of your website on a data carrier. So you are doubly protected against the loss of your data. We offer this service as a one-off service or regularly in our maintenance contract - tailored precisely to your needs.

Website monitoring

In website monitoring, we keep an eye on the availability, performance and functionality of your homepage so that you always know that your service is available to users and can react quickly in the event of impairments or failures. Digital Think Tank offers for that Website-Monitoring various service packages that we can combine individually for you. We would be happy to make you an offer!

Maintenance contract

If you conclude a digital think tank maintenance contract for your website, we regularly take care of the functionality and availability of your website. In this way you can avoid data loss and we can quickly correct errors or malfunctions. We offer various maintenance contracts of varying scope with monthly payment. Security for every budget. Speak Feel free to contact us!