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Medical technology & medical informatics

Medical technology and medical informatics are any kind of knowledge that is involved in performing tasks and achieving certain results in the health system and medicine: diagnosis, therapy, rehabilitation and prevention.

In a narrower sense, medical technologies are immaterial medical resources (knowledge, skills, procedures, organizational solutions / software) and material medical resources (drugs, devices, aids) that are directly or indirectly related to the health services provided and specific medical interventions (therapeutic, diagnostic, rehabilitative or preventive).

Medical Technology

In medical technology, all medical processes, products and medical devices are researched, developed and manufactured under the umbrella term medical devices that are important for the examination, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases, injuries and disabilities. In addition, medical devices can aim to restore a certain state of health and quality of life. Medical devices are primarily intended for physical use in humans.

The following are important examples of medical devices:

    • Diagnostic imaging:
      X-ray (e.g. computed tomography - CT)
      Nuclear medicine (e.g. scintigraphy)
      Sonography (ultrasound devices)
      Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
      among others
    • Pacemaker
    • Dialysis machines
    • Heart-lung machines
    • implants
    • Prostheses and orthotics
    • hearing aids
    • artificial organs
    • Cleaning devices and disinfection devices for sterilization

and many more.

Medical informatics

The main tasks of medical informatics are to collect, process, evaluate, display and archive medical data, information and knowledge, as well as to simplify and improve work processes in healthcare and medicine.

The goals of medical informatics are to support and optimize health care and to provide new knowledge and knowledge in medicine.

In addition, various medical devices for administering drugs (application) also belong to the field of medical informatics, provided that they prevent or minimize any risk to patients (for example by regulating the dosage).

Consulting and development of medical technology and medical IT

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