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Digital Think Tank Consulting is your specialist for external scientific advice in various specialist areas and as a companion for scientific patents and software patents. Our experts stand by freelance inventors, universities, colleges and especially SMEs (small and medium-sized companies) with their scientific problems and are the right contact for you to work with you as external scientific advisers to find solutions for Find your complex projects. In addition, our inventor advice, patent advice and support is available to free inventors and private companies, e.g. craftsmen, medical professionals, plumbing companies, ... to provide support.

Inventor advice

Your questions about patent registration, inventor or patent advice

As a freelance inventor or private company, you have an idea, but you don't know how to properly protect it and bring it to market. What are the next steps to patent and successfully market my idea or invention? What do you have to consider with pending patents?

You are not sure whether your invention is a real innovation or whether there is already a patent or similar patent in this area.

You want that Patent even without the assistance of a patent attorney DPMA submit, but need help, e.g. with Patent research, Evaluation or the correct formulation of your invention.

Or you are looking for a way to reduce the sometimes high attorney fees of a patent attorney by preparing and processing many documents before they are handed over to the patent attorney, in particular patent research, evaluation and formulation of your invention.

Or you are looking for an external service provider who can provide you with comprehensive support in the course of patent application and the marketing of your patent, as well as with ongoing commercial property right extensions.

Digital Think Tank advises freelance inventors and private companies expertly on all questions relating to your industrial property rights and takes on all activities relating to the patenting and marketing of your idea or invention for you. Confidentiality is our top priority from your first contact. We certify this to you in our confidentiality declaration before the commissioning. From the idea to the patent, to the product and to marketing - and beyond.

Information on patent registration and patent advice

Filing a patent application is a complex subject where there are important points to consider. As a layperson, it is easy to overlook stumbling blocks that lead to a patent application being rejected. However, the costs for the holistic support by a patent attorney are often above the budget, which is available to a freelance inventor or a small and medium-sized company.

Depending on the complexity of the technical matter, commissioning a patent attorney alone can cost several thousand euros in legal fees until the patent is submitted. The hourly rates of a patent attorney vary between 150 and 800 euros. That means: the higher the effort for the lawyer and the higher the technical level, the higher your costs for the patent application by a patent attorney.

And that's not all: if you receive an objection from the examiner about your patent application, you have to invalidate it in writing so that your patent can still be registered, which can cost you several thousand euros in legal fees. After all, an average of 50% of patent applications are rejected for various reasons.

Digital Think Tank helps you to keep costs for your patent application clearer. Our experts competently prepare documents for handing over to the patent attorney, do research and help you to formulate your claim. We will also provide you with expert support if you would like to apply for a patent yourself. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

The invention must be new 

The focus is of course on the novelty of your idea or invention. This is checked as part of the novelty check or patent research, which Digital Think Tank takes over for you in advance.

In addition, the invention must not be publicly known before the patent application, be it in a scientific publication, a report in the media, a blog entry, video or similar on the Internet.

The invention must not be excluded from patenting

Furthermore, the invention must not be excluded from patenting. A patent application is only possible for technical innovations.

Paragraph 1 of the Patent Act cites as inventions excluded from patentability, in particular scientific theories, mathematical methods, but also basic business ideas, ideas for games or medical treatment methods.

In the case of a possible software patent in particular, it must therefore be carefully checked whether the software innovatively solves an existing technical problem (patentable software) or whether it is non-technical software (e.g. most apps, games, ...) that is based on They cannot be patented due to a lack of a technical nature.

Digital Think Tank will of course also undertake the necessary technical research for you in the course of the patent research.

Employee Finding Act

As an employee, you must also observe the Employee Finding Act. If you have an idea or an invention in the course of your work (service invention), you are legally obliged to notify your employer in writing. In your invention disclosure you must provide various information about your invention and describe it as precisely as possible. Your employer then has the choice of whether to use your invention within a certain period of time or to release it. If your employer makes use of your invention disclosure, he is obliged, on the one hand, to have it patented. On the other hand, he must remunerate you appropriately for the use.

As an employee, Digital Think Tank will be happy to assist you in reporting your invention to your employer - please contact us!

Legal notice on inventor advice and patent advice

We expressly point out that the services of the inventor advice provided by the experts at Digital Think Tank do not constitute legal advice. Our services in the context of inventor and patent advice do not replace advice and property rights registration by a patent attorney.

Patent support

Once your patent has been granted, the Digital Think Tank is at your disposal in other areas related to yours Patent to the side. Be it the maintenance of patent protection, internationalization of the patent, or the publication and marketing of your patent. Our experts are happy to help.

Ongoing patent protection

If your patent is to be retained, you must regularly pay the annual fees to the DPMA. Digital Think Tank keeps an eye on the deadlines for you and reminds you of the timely payments for ongoing patent protection of your innovation.

Internationalization of your patent

If you would like to extend your patent protection to other countries, our experts at Digital Think Tank will advise and support you on all aspects of international patent protection.

Publication and marketing of your patent

After your patent has been filed with the DPMA, you can start thinking about publishing your invention and marketing it economically.

Digital Think Tank offers you a broad, worldwide network of companies to whom we can present your patent in order to successfully market your invention. We make sure that a license agreement is concluded with the interested company, and then that this is followed. We also keep an eye on competitors in order to avoid infringing your industrial property rights.

We offer you individual services at the highest level. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Scientific Advice

At Digital Think Tank, our experts are available to universities and colleges, research institutions, private inventors and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as external scientific advisors.

Especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers, the interdisciplinary specialist knowledge of Digital Think Tank is a useful opportunity for companies, research institutions and independent inventors to plan, think through and ultimately successfully implement their ideas and innovations.

Scientific advice to companies

As independent advice to your research and development department (R&D) on a complex project or in the technical optimization of production processes or products, the team of experts at Digital Think Tank supports your company, particularly in the areas of physics, Laser physics, Spectroscopy, Software, Data analysis and data evaluation, IT, Medical Technology, and much more.

Benefit from our interdisciplinary team of experts to make your company even more successful. Take Contact up with us!

Scientific advice to research institutions

It is part of the company policy of Digital Think Tank and our scientific interest to support and promote research and development in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

Universities, colleges, other research institutions and doctoral students also benefit from the specialist areas of our independent experts to support your research projects.

We are at your side as a contact for your scientific projects and tasks in a competent and interdisciplinary manner. We advise all departments on the subject of physics, Information Technology, Medical Technology, in Laser physics, Software and IT, Data analysis and data evaluation, Spectroscopy, and much more. We also offer you ideas and solutions for complex scientific issues.

Do you need expert advice or support with your research project? We would be happy to discuss our options with you personally. Of course under strict secrecy. Take Contact up with us!

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