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Are you wondering that your website is difficult to find in search engines? Surely you know that there are different ways to improve the ranking of your website on Google and other search engines, but you don't know how or when you or your employees should take care of it?

At Digital Think Tank, you receive all services related to search engine optimization (SEO) for your homepage at first hand. We are your reliable partner from the first SEO check to the successful implementation of the various SEO measures.

Search engine optimization (SEO) briefly explained

The goal of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or search engine optimization is to help a website to be better found in the (organic) search engines (Google, Bing, ...) and thus to address more customers.

Just think about how you behave when searching the Internet: Most of the time you only visit the websites that are displayed first or on the first page by the search engine. Only if you cannot find the right information or offers here, you may continue to search on the second or third page of results. This is how most users behave on the Internet.

And this is exactly why a good search engine ranking is so important for the success of your homepage and your company. Digital Think Tank helps you with various SEO measures to achieve a better ranking in the common search engines. This helps you to have more visibility and increases the traffic of your website so that your customers and prospects can find you more easily.

SEO from Digital Think Tank

May we briefly introduce you to our SEO services?

SEO analysis

The SEO analysis is the first step for a successful search engine optimization of a website. With their help, opportunities for improvement and errors are identified, which are decisive for a better ranking in the search engines.

Based on the SEO analysis, we at Digital Think Tank can discuss strategies and the next steps with you to help your website achieve a better placement and thus more traffic, i.e. more visitors and potential customers.

With the help of our SEO check you can either make improvements to your homepage yourself, or you can entrust us with the necessary measures.

On-Page SEO

OnPage SEO, also called OnSite optimization, is the area of ​​search engine optimization in which changes are made to the structure, structure, content and technical measures on a website, i.e. optimizations to the website itself. Improvements in these areas sustainably increase the ranking in the search engines and also the usability (user-friendliness) of a website.

For example, clear navigation, well-structured and unique content (texts, images, videos, ...), internal links and fast loading times help to provide your users with exactly the information and offers they are looking for in a short time. This creates trust and binds customers. In addition, the right keywords - meaningfully and legibly integrated into the text, as well as the URL structure, meta tags and the meta description - ensure increased traffic.

These and other measures are also necessary to improve the crawling and indexing of the search engines so that your homepage achieves a better position in the search results (better search engine ranking).

Digital Think Tank offers you various OnPage SEO modules individually or combined with other SEO measures, exactly as necessary for the optimal ranking of your website. In addition, we monitor the success of the implemented measures with regular SEO checks in order to be able to ensure the degree of optimization in the long term.

In principle, OnPage optimization should be regularly monitored and looked after, since the requirements of the users and Google algorithms are also constantly changing. We at Digital Think Tank offer you our SEO packages with different modules and different scope for every budget. However, on request, we also carry out one-off OnPage SEO.

Off Page SEO

OffPage SEO (or OffPage Optimization) refers to measures in the area of ​​search engine optimization that are carried out away from the own website in order to increase the awareness and reputation of the homepage on the Internet and thereby increase traffic. Strategically used OffPage Optimization together with regular OnPage SEO form the most important components of search engine optimization to improve the ranking of a website.

The main component of OffPage SEO is link building, as high-quality backlinks that link from other homepages to your own website (external links).

In addition, social signals, i.e. likes, retweets, reviews in social networks and optimized brand marketing can also have a positive effect on search engine ranking. Brand marketing includes PR measures, naming the brand or the company in social media and on other independent websites. To what extent these areas correlate with a good ranking in the search engines has not been clearly established. However, experts suspect that this is also taken into account in crawling and indexing.

We at Digital Think Tank would be happy to advise and support you with OffPage SEO as part of the SEO optimization of your website.

Technical SEO

Another important criterion in search engine optimization of a website is technical SEO. Since there are more and more homepages on the Internet and the requirements for mobile use continue to rise, OnPage and OffPage optimizations are now hardly sufficient to improve the ranking and user-friendliness of a website.

Technical search engine optimization (SEO) includes measures that improve the accessibility, speed (page speed), security and mobile friendliness of a website. This includes various server settings (optimization of loading speeds), optimization of the source code, and control of Google bots (crawlers). But also mobile optimization in usability and presentation, compression of images, URL optimization, avoidance of broken links, and much more falls into the area of ​​technical SEO.

Digital Think Tank also looks after your website with technical SEO measures. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Digital Think Tank SEO packages

At Digital Think Tank you receive all SEO measures to increase the visibility of your website (website, online shop) first hand. You have the choice whether you want to entrust us with a one-time optimization or choose one of our SEO packages for regular SEO optimization of your website. You retain full cost control and can choose from packages of different sizes - to suit your budget.

We would be happy to check for you which of our SEO packages is suitable for your website. Take Contact up with us!


Better findability thanks to Search Engine optimization

With digital think tank SEO (Search Engine Ooptimization) we help your website to get a better ranking in the common search engines and thus to better findability, more traffic and greater success. Our services include SEO advice, On-Page SEO, Off Page SEO and technical SEO including monitoring - tailored precisely to your needs.


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