Digital Tbucket Tank (DTT)

  • Digital Think Tank Consulting

    Patents, software patents, scientific problems - freelance inventors and companies as well as universities and colleges often need competent, interdisciplinary advice and support for their projects. Our experts at Digital Think Tank will be happy to assist you in getting your ideas and innovations on the right track.
  • Digital think tank web design

    A professional homepage is one of the most important building blocks for your success concept. Digital think tank websites are individually adapted to your needs - regardless of whether it is a new website, website relaunch, revision, care or maintenance. Our incentive is your success!
  • Digital think tank development medical technology

    As an engineering and R&D partner in the healthcare sector, Digital Think Tank implements meaningful innovations for the medical industry.
  • Digital Think Tank Teaching & Research

    We offer teaching in the fields of physics, mathematics and medical technology at university level.
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Scientific Advice

In times of a shortage of skilled workers, external advice is an important aspect of ideas and innovations for many companies  from development (R&D) or to optimize your production processes and your products. With interdisciplinary Expertise offers DIGITAL THINK TANK especially for SMEs Scientific Advice with the main topics physics, Laser physics, Spectroscopy, software, IT as well Medical Technology at. Our team of experts is also happy to assist you in other specialist areas.

Digital Think Tank Consulting - scientific advice


We warmly welcome you to the new Digital Think Tank website.

Get an overview of our services in the following areas:

    • Development of medical technology

    • Teaching & Research

    • Website programming and maintenance

    • Scientific advice to independent inventors, companies and interdisciplinary departments at universities
      and universities

Your team from Digital Think Tank

About digital think tank

Our mission is your success!

Digital Think Tank consists of our team of experts who have set themselves the task of supporting you in your projects with interdisciplinary specialist knowledge in various specialist areas.

The main topics of our experts are in the areas Coding, Physics, Laser physics, Spectroscopy, Software, IT and Medical Technology. We are also your competent contact for SEO and Online marketing as well as various Office services. We have additional experts available for many other scientific fields (e.g. chemistry).

"The secret of success is to understand the other's point of view."
Henry Ford

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Better findability thanks to Search Engine optimization

With digital think tank SEO (Search Engine Ooptimization) we help your website to get a better ranking in the common search engines and thus to better findability, more traffic and greater success. Our services include SEO advice, On-Page SEO, Off Page SEO and technical SEO including monitoring - tailored precisely to your needs.


Science tank

Science, research, new technologies and innovations

Iin our Science tank we report on news and groundbreaking discoveries from the world of science for you. Find out about interesting and relevant news from the departments Physics, Mathematics, Electronics & Computer Hardware, Medicine and medical technology, engineering, Software / AI & Big Data, and can be found in the categories "Patent stories","Forgotten math" and "Physics for the inquisitive“Into the world of science. We dedicate a special area to Star Trek technology under the category "Star Trek Today".


Customers and Partners

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