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The paint that turns a car into a moving "black hole"

The experts at DipYourCar have the car Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X with an acrylic paint called Musou Black lacquered, which absorbs 99,4 percent of the light. As a result, the car turned black as asphalt. According to the car service providers who describe this special "tuning", the paint is darker than the legendary, super light-absorbing material Vantablack.

Representatives from Koyo Orient Japan, which makes Musou Black, claim that their acrylic paints typically absorb 94 to 98 percent of light, but Musou Black can absorb up to 99,4 percent of light. These colors are not intended for covering car bodies, but for painting smaller objects such as B. Figures and works of art.

The question of the safety of such a paint job is controversial, although in certain situations it can improve the visibility of the vehicle. This isn't the first time someone has turned a car into a mobile black hole. The German BMW showed in collaboration with Surrey NanoSystems, the manufacturer of Vantablack, at the Frankfurt Motor Show the model X6, which is painted with an absorbent material that, in contrast to Musou Black usually not commercially available.