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AI reads facial images from brain waves

The University of Helsinki has developed an Artificial Intelligence tool that allows you to get an idea of ​​what your brain is thinking at any given moment. After reading the brain waves of people who are asked to focus on a person's image, the AI ​​algorithm creates facial images that the participants look at. This research, described in Nature Scientific Reports, consisted of that to perform several phases of practice and then test the algorithm.

First, participants were shown a series of faces and asked to focus on those that matched the description with the help of a device that analyzed their brain waves. The data from the brain was then used to train the algorithm to match the signals to different features so that during the tests it could generate a new facial image that matched the patterns the subject was thinking about without it to express in words. The individual features that are identified in the system are quite general, e.g. "young", "smile" or "man", so that the system does not interpret the complete facial image obtained from the participants in the experiment, but rather a selected one Detected feature and then generated on its basis a new facial image that corresponds to the observation.