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A South Korean TV station hired an AI presenter

The MBN channel on South Korean cable television has presented the first female presenter, who is simultaneously from one artificial intelligence is controlled. The AI moderator by the name of AI Kim is based on a real person who operates an information segment in the MBN, Jim Ju-ha. AI Kim himself recently introduced himself and said that she came about from watching Kim Ju-ha's ten hour videos. The KI learned the details in her voice, her way of speaking, her facial expressions, lip movements and body language. Artificial intelligence says: "I am able to convey messages just like Kim Ju-ha.

Like both the human original and the Moderator-Artificial Intelligence look, see in the video. What is this experiment for? Well, the goal is simply to have a virtual moderator who can deliver messages throughout the day, especially when the human counterpart is sick or just needs a break. Let's add that artificial intelligence was recently used again by Facebook - the company decided to use AI to sort the content that goes into moderation. This is to speed up the whole process. Turning to the funnier reports, Siri's assistant and Wolfram Alpha's search engine recently claimed that Kamala Harris is the president of the United States.