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Xanadu will make the computing power of the photonic quantum processor X8 available

Another big step in that direction quantum computers. Scientists and engineers of the Canadian Xanadu Quantum Technologies company have worked with the US National Institute of Standards and Technology to create a programmable, scalable Quantum photonics chip created on which various algorithms can run. Details of the chip are in Nature described.

Scientists and companies around the world are working on practical Quantum computers. Such machines would be able to perform calculations that traditional computers could not do in a reasonable time.

Currently, two technologies dominate - systems based on superconducting Materials and based on trapped ions. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and one of the most serious disadvantages is the need to cool such systems to very low temperatures, which virtually precludes the scalability of such solutions and their application in most of the places where we use current computers. Technologies based on photonics are much less common and less well known. With this type of system it is more difficult to Quantum states to receive and transmit. The great advantage of such systems is that they can with room temperature can work. Now engineers are reporting from Xanaduthat they have some of the problems that come with photonic circuits connected, overcome and a functioning one chip that can be scaled and run on different types of algorithms. The company announced that the computing power of the X8-which will be commercially available. Interested parties have the option of an 8- or 12-Qubit system to use.