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Star Trek Today: Hypospray - An injection without painful punctures. It is now possible

A machine has just been developed that can perform injections completely painlessly. Of the Cobionix robot (short: Cobi) was developed to vaccinate against Covid 19 to facilitate.

It was commissioned at the University of Waterloo incubator. The device performs intramuscular injections without needles. The dose is given to the patient without a puncture; instead becomes a High pressure liquid jet (which is no thicker than a human hair) is used to get into the tissue.

Video source: youtube

Reference to Star Trek Episode: General / Medicine / Medicine Technology

- Cobi can be used quickly for vaccinations and performs its tasks completely autonomously, according to Tim Lasswell, co-founder of the start-up Cobionix, quoted by Interesting Engineering.

Cobi does not require the assistance of medical personnel in order to needle-free intramuscular injections perform. Since the machine works completely autonomously, there is already talk of this robot being able to solve the problem of the shortage of doctors. Especially since the machine is much more versatile - it can scan a person's identification documents, check their accuracy and find the best place on the patient's body for the vaccination. Experts believe that the implementation of Cobi due to numerous factors, it will not be feasible before two years at the earliest.