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Star Trek Today: Holograms Visible, Touchable and Potentially Audible

Researchers at the University of Sussex have created animated 3D holograms that can not only be viewed from any angle, but also touched. The technology developed by the British differs from previously used holographic solutions in that it is used instead of lasers Ultrasonic used and the objects Miniature polystyrene balls be shaped.

Star Trek Episode Reference: General / Holodeck

The researchers used a method similar to that used by engineers at Brigham Young University in Utah, USA, who used invisible lasers to locate small, in the Airborne particles to float and then manipulate them, which were additionally illuminated with RGB light, which together create the effect of a 3D image revealed. British engineering used two systems of sound wave generators instead of lasers to manipulate styrofoam balls only two millimeters in diameter.

The sound waves can move the balls at a speed of up to 32 km / h and draw shapes up to 10 centimeters in less than a tenth of a second. The human eye cannot keep up, which means that the viewer sees a finished three-dimensional shape. And because they actually exist in 3D space and are not just a two-dimensional image created by an illusion tricking the brain, these holograms can be viewed from any angle. In addition, thanks to their physical components, they are through contact perceptible. Scientists believe that they can also be used to reproduce sound.