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Power Fx - Programming for Non-Programmers

Microsoft has the publication of PowerFX announced a new low-code programming language based on popular Excel formulas. The company puts the language under one Open source license available and hopes to help develop his Power platforms such as Power Automate or Power Virtual Agents and eventually become a standard for this type of application.

The new language should mainly adapt to Excel and Power Platform users judge. The use of formulas is particularly suitable for people with little coding experience. Knowledge of Excel is far more common in the business world than knowledge of programming languages.

An Low-code development platform (LCDP) is software that enables applications to be created visually using diagrams, graphs, formulas or forms without knowledge of programming languages. These platforms are currently mainly used for database design and implementation, user interfaces, business process design and automation. Low code platforms reduce the involvement of so-called manual coding in the application development process.

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