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Star Trek Today: LCARS in the house

Today we received a YouTube video that we do not want to withhold from you. The video is a little older, namely 12 years old, so some of you may know it. It was published by Daniel Springwald and embodies exactly the spirit of "Star Trek Today". Mr. Springwald has done a remarkable job that deserves the highest respect. Better implementation of LCARSDesign and functionality is hard to find. He also publishes his work on his homepage "". Have fun with the video!  

Star Trek Episode Reference: General 

Star Trek Today: Tricorder

Here is a project that was found on the internet. It embodies exactly what the category "Star Trek Today" is meant.

Star Trek Episode Reference: General 

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Micromachines for exploring the human body

Today again from the series Star Trek sends greetings or Nanites 2.0. We recently reported on the development of micro-robots (Controlling a microscopic robot inside the body. Promising first test results). The developments in the field seem to have picked up speed very strongly.    

Reference to Star Trek Episode: The Next Generation: Season 3 / Episode 49 - The Power of Nanites / Evolution

"As the crew searches for the causes, the incidents pile up and Wesley suspects: he had experimented with nanites, tiny robots, that have disappeared from his experimental set-up ...
After the ship's sensors indicate a Borg ship, which immediately afterwards can no longer be located and turns out to be the illusion of the computer, Wesley turns to his mother and tells her what happened ".

Researchers at the Swiss Technical University ETH Zurich have succeeded in building a miniature medical robot out of metal and plastic using 3D lithography. The resulting robot constructions are no more than a quarter of a millimeter long and can be controlled by a magnetic field in medical applications.

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