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Graphs in a flexible and transparent display from Poland

A team of scientists from the University of Lodz has a prototype of one OLED displays developed with a graphene electrode. The solution makes use of the plasticity and transparency of the material to create flexible, flexible screens and manufacture other types of displays.

Dr. Paweł Kowalczyk from the University of Łódź emphasizes: "It is not a theoretical model, but an actually functioning device. We have succeeded in creating a transparent structure that is compatible with OLED diodes cooperates and makes it possible to apply all solutions of flexible electronics in practice ". That used in the structure graphs was modified with rhenium oxide, which leads to better parameters of the so-called output operation, ie without unnecessary flashing of the diode.

 Image source: Univ. Lodz /

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Parker Solar Probe is closer to the sun than ever before

The probe that flies to the sun - the Parker Solar Probe (PSP) - recently broke two records. It is once again the fastest moving human-made object and the closest object to the sun. The probe is currently in the middle of its 10th close encounter with our star.

According to NASA, on November 21, the probe came at a speed of 586.864 km / h up to 8,5 million kilometers to our star. In the following rounds, PSP will continue to accelerate and get closer. The probe is gradually moving away from the Sun and between December 23rd and January 9th will send back to Earth the data it collects during its encounter with the Sun.

 Image source: Wikipediia /

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Webb Space Telescope launch postponed due to an unforeseen incident

The start of the James Webb Space Telescope has delayed launch preparations by several days after an incident. The new planned start date is December 22 of this year.

The incident occurred while preparing to mount the telescope on a special adapter that connects it to a Ariane 5 missile connects. The sudden, unplanned release of the latch securing Webb to the adapter caused vibrations to pass through the telescope, reported the NASA. A press release said it happened during the works, for which the French company Arianespace is wholly responsible. The company has been tasked with launching the telescope, which will launch from French Guiana.

 Image source: Wikipedia /

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NASA wants a nuclear power plant on the moon

NASA and the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) have announced that they are looking for ideas on how to access the Nuclear energy on the moon Looking for. Establishing a stable energy supply system on the moon is a key element for manned space exploration. That is a goal that we can achieve, "says Sebastian Corbisiero, who is responsible for leading the project.

NASA used the moon as a stage for a manned journey to the Mars believes that a nuclear power plant that is independent of sunlight will provide sufficient energy regardless of the environmental conditions on the moon or Mars. The US Department of Energy and NASA have been talking about the concept of "fission surface powerr "by fission. This is a nuclear reactor with an output calculated in kilowatts. By fissioning uranium nuclei, it would produce an output of at least 10 kilowatts.

 Image source: Pixabay /

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Collisions of neutron stars enrich the universe more than the merging of black holes with stars

Scientist of the MIT from LIGO and the University of New Hampshire calculated the amount of heavy elements produced when black holes merge with neutron stars and compared their data with the amount of heavy elements produced when neutron stars merge. Hsin-Yu Chen, Salvatore Vitale and Francois Foucart used advanced simulation systems and data from the Gravitational wave observatories LIGO-Virgo.

Currently, astrophysicists do not fully understand how elements heavier than iron form in the universe. They are believed to arise in two ways. About half of these elements are formed during the process s in stars of low mass (0,5-10 solar masses) in the final stages of their life. They are then red giants. There takes place Nucleosynthesis instead of when fast Neutrons be captured by nuclides with low neutron density and medium temperatures.

Image source: Pixabay /

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Thanks to topological isolators, it was possible to combine 30 lasers into one laser with a higher power.

VCSELs are the most popular type of laser. They can be found in smartphones, computer networks or medical devices. They emit light from quantum wells or dots located between mirrors. The pits and points are extremely small, their size is measured in fractions of a micrometer. This is an advantage, on the one hand, as it enables miniaturization and high-speed operation, and on the other hand, the size limits the power of the laser. After decades of work, a solution has now been developed to increase the performance of VCSELs so that they can also be used in areas where they could not previously be used.

For decades, researchers have tried to improve the performance of vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) by forcing them to work in groups. They wanted to combine multiple lasers into a single one with multiplied power. Unfortunately, minimal inaccuracies in the manufacturing process resulted in this Laser worked in small independent groups whose emissions were not synchronized with each other. It was therefore not possible to find one coherent laser beam to create.


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The longest lunar eclipse in 580 years is imminent

On the night of November 18-19, 2021, some of the world's inhabitants witnessed the longest Lunar eclipse for 580 years. The entire phenomenon will last more than 6 hours, with the silver ball lingering in the deepest shadow on earth for 3 hours and 28 minutes. However, it is not a total darkness. A maximum of 97,4% of the natural satellite disk will be covered.

During the eclipse the moon is in his apogee, the furthest point from Earth orbit. Hence, it will appear that it is moving extremely slowly. It will take more than 100 minutes from the first contact with the earth's shadow to the greatest eclipse. From the exit of the moon from the greatest shadow of the Earth the same period of time elapses until the end of the darkness.

Image source: Pixabay

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Alternative methods of studying heavy molecules will facilitate the search for phenomena beyond the Standard Model

Searching for physical phenomena beyond the Standard Model often requires access to powerful tools like the Large Hadron Collider, underground detectors for neutrinos, dark matter and exotic particles. Such devices are extremely expensive to build and maintain, they take many years to manufacture, and they are scarce, resulting in long queues among scientists. Thanks to scientists from the Netherlands, this could now change. You have developed a technique to confine and examine heavy molecules under laboratory conditions.

Image source: Pixabay / Published: Physics World

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Researchers from Wroclaw are working on a satellite navigation system on the moon

Researchers at the Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformatics at the University of Biosciences in Wroclaw are members of an international consortium established by the European Space Agency (ESA) funding for the development of a conceptual navigation system for Lunar missions had received. Such a system will be both the exploration of the moon itself and the implementation of plans to use the satellite as a stage in a manned mission Mars make it easier to use.

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