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Graphs in a flexible and transparent display from Poland

A team of scientists from the University of Lodz has a prototype of one OLED displays developed with a graphene electrode. The solution makes use of the plasticity and transparency of the material to create flexible, flexible screens and manufacture other types of displays.

Dr. Paweł Kowalczyk from the University of Łódź emphasizes: "It is not a theoretical model, but an actually functioning device. We have succeeded in creating a transparent structure that is compatible with OLED diodes cooperates and makes it possible to apply all solutions of flexible electronics in practice ". That used in the structure graphs was modified with rhenium oxide, which leads to better parameters of the so-called output operation, ie without unnecessary flashing of the diode.

 Image source: Univ. Lodz / Which

"I think that the development of display devices from the flexible Electronics will be dominated. Plastic screens will be able to cover the strangest surfaces, e.g. B. Building corners; I can even imagine cars with all pillars on the inside flexible monitors that show the image from the outside so that the driver can avoid the danger of blind spots, "says Dr. Kowalczyk in an interview published on the website of the University of Łódź.