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Russia and China want to build a joint scientific station on the moon

The head of the chinese and russian Space agencies have a memorandum of understanding to jointly build one Lunar station signed. In the document, both sides express their wish to help create a "International Scientific Lunar Station"to work together and invite other countries to the project. The signatures were given by Zhang Keijan, Director of the National Space Agency of China, and Dmitry Rogozin, Director of Roscosmos.

Details of the project were not disclosed. It was only stated that the two countries will work to scientific institutions on the moon and / or in its orbit to build. The aim is to create unmanned systems and equip them in such a way that people can stay there.

Image source: Pixabay

China has spoken before about building a permanent base at the south pole of the moon. There are large supplies there frozen Water (NASA confirms the presence of water in the moon's sunny regions). The station would be built in 2036-2045. The European Space Agency is interested in working with China on future missions to the moon.

The last similar agreement is this Artemis Agreement. This is a recently signed agreement between NASA and the space agencies of Australia, Great Britain, Japan, Italy, Canada, Luxembourg and the United Arab Emirates, providing a framework for future cooperation in space, the return of man to the Moon and pretends to be exploring Mars.

It's easy to notice that the Artemis Agreement not signed by Russia. The country has worked successfully with the United States and other partners for more than 20 years. The joint work is the International Space Station. Rogozin, however, criticized the Artemis Accords as "too America-centered". The recent deal between Russia and China could mean that Roskosmos at least his relations to the NASA weakens and works with the Middle Kingdom in further space exploration.