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Light levitation

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have succeeded in floating two small plastic plates with ordinary light. Using the energy from bright LEDs placed in a vacuum chamber, the researchers brought the two Miniature Mylar Sheets to float. This was seen as a breakthrough as it had never been possible to lift such large objects with light alone.

The kind of Polyesterfrom which the light Levitation plates is under the trade name Mylar known. The underside was covered with a special layer that, when heated by the light rays of the LEDs, gave off energy to the air molecules below, causing the plate to float. The achievement was described in the journal Science Advances.

The researchers have very specific plans for the one they have developed Levitation technique - They will build small research devices that will float in a layer of the atmosphere Mesosphere is called, in a difficult to explore zone, at an altitude of 50 to 85 km above the surface of the earth, which is inaccessible to airplanes and balloons, and missiles stay there too briefly during their flight. They plan to put sensors on the floating panels place to record data.