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Detect cancer in a drop of blood

A group of researchers led by Ms. Cho Yoon-kyoung from the Institute of Basic Research (IBS) in Korea has one biosensor developed by analyzing a drop of blood Cancer can recognize. The chip consists of nanoporous gold electrodes. The researchers named the development process SEEDING, which is an English acronym for the technique - "surfactant electrochemical etching and deposition process for the growth of nanostructures and nanopores".

Tests of the new biosensor have confirmed that it enables rapid detection of prostate cancer in patients by analyzing blood and urine samples. This is made possible by detecting a specific type of protein associated with cancer-causing exosomes. The method is much faster and more convenient than previously known methods of sample analysis, which require separation and dilution of biomarkers, which is usually done in large medical facilities or laboratories.

 Image source: The Korea Herald

"Our technology lays the foundation for the development of future point-of-care diagnostic devices," Cho comments in an IBS press release. It is expected that the new biosensor solutions around On-site diagnostics to recognize others types of cancer and infectious diseases will be widely used.