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Ultrasound for cancer

A non-invasive ultrasound-based procedure developed and tested at the University of Michigan destroys a large proportion of the rat's Tumor cells of liver cancer and aids in reducing lesions in the body Immune system in combating the further spread of the disease.

According to the researchers, destroying 50 to 75 percent of the tumor's volume meant that the rats' immune systems were able to remove the rest on its own without showing signs of recurrence or metastasis in more than 80 percent of the test animals. According to the scientists who conducted the experiments, their new method stimulates the immune system to continue fighting cancer.

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The destruction of cancer cells with Ultrasonic a technique that has been known for some time. The mechanism of action of histotripsy is based on the application of ultrasonic waves in you cavitation process. By directing the wave at the tumor, tiny vesicles are activated in the cells that are under the influence of the ultrasounds begin to vibrate and explode. In this way, they break down the tumor tissue, which turns into a liquid state and is absorbed by the body. The novelty of the method developed at the University of Michigan lies in the support of the immune system, which fights the cancer cells remaining after the histotripsy.