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Will humans also benefit from darkfield CT?

German researchers have developed a device that hopes for the use of the so-called Dark field computed tomography (CT) in clinical application on humans. If dark field could be used successfully in diagnostics, CT scans would provide much more detailed information than today.

The CT used X-raysto get pictures. The device collects information about the absorption of radiation in different tissues. The data collected in this way is then analyzed by computer software, which creates readable images from it. Darkfield CT can provide additional useful information as it allows the measurement of properties of the X-rays allows that at the current tomography are not taken into account.

 Image source: Pixabay

Scientists have been working on dark-field CT for some time. This has led to excellent improvements in small animal imaging, for example, especially in imaging of the lungs. However, it is not yet possible to apply this technique to humans because the devices needed for this are not scalable and those used in humans Scanner are too fast and too big