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Medicine 4.0 on the advance

A newly founded Göttingen start-up that Silent HighTech Solution GmbH (, PD Dr. Martin Friedrich),  offers a product that optimizes and coordinates the processes in the operating room and increases the safety of the treatments carried out in the hospital. Before we turn to the description, first of all, congratulations on founding the entire Digital Think Tank team! Göttingen - the city that creates knowledge!

What is it about?

It is about that Silent Operating Theater Optimization System (SOTOS) and is a for use in loud High-tech environments developed, noise-reducing information management system. The system was developed at the University Medical Center Göttingen under the direction of PD Dr. Friedrich for use in cardiac surgery or for robotic surgery (DaVinci). Overall, the team performance can be significantly improved by using the SOTOS® communication environment, which is particularly important for OR work environments (Robot-assisted DaVinci applications and cardiac surgery) was elaborately validated.

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Vadvantages that SOTOS generates in surgical processes:

    • There is significantly less and highly significantly quieter speech at the operating table - this results in a measurably lower germ load from the air in the operating field.
This results in fewer wound infections and leads to a reduction in costs, among other things by avoiding very long hospital stays and re-operations

    • The data collected in the study below are also useful for SOTOS corona particles in the air, which ensures an infection protection that would otherwise not be generated in a manner that would otherwise not be achievable in a necessarily communicative environment. A precise professional communication over large spatial distances is possible without any problems

    • There are always situations where the surgeon has to communicate with the outside world via telephone during the operation (RS with pathologists regarding quick section examination results, RS with radiologists, other medical colleagues, ...). This leads to the interruption of the workflow, costs time and generates an additional need for sterile material (if necessary, changing gowns and gloves).

    • Communication with the operating theater nursing staff (Springer) is significantly improved. Jumpers can use SOTOS are available in several operating theaters at the same time, can also be corrected ad hoc via a permanent radio connection in the event of changing requirements from the sterile zone not located in the operating theater (personnel savings)

    • Optimization of work processes by SOTOS leads to a decrease in personnel traffic in and out of the operating room during ongoing operations.

    • The OR management can be integrated into process optimizations in a way that was previously not possible

    • SOTOS is currently an isolated solution for an operating room in basic and extended versions. But it can be used without having to discard the current hardware SOTOS network expand and "marry" with video solutions. Connection of lecture halls, conference rooms, chief physician's offices, ... This improves the effectiveness and performance of the expensive, highly specialized staff

    • In critical environments SOTOS easy to set up redundantly. (Security aspects)

    • SOTOS is constantly being further developed

    • SOTOS supports the need for radiation protection by ensuring verbal communication over spatial distances. Doors have to be opened much less often (significantly improved communication with control rooms).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact PD Dr. Martin Friedrich at your disposal:

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