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He teaches math on an adult portal

Chang Hsu, a mathematician from Taiwan, teaches math on Pornhub. The 34-year-old's films have been seen by nearly 2 million people and he has over 7.000 subscribers. He advertises the videos with the slogan "Play intensely, learn intensively".

"I knew that day would come sometime. People are fascinated when you do unique things in unique places. Because so few people are on video platforms for Adult math teaching and on the other hand so many people are watching videos there, I thought, if I make my videos available there, they will be seen by a lot more people. - said Chang Hsu in an interview with the portal Focus Taiwan.

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Tutoring looks normal

In the published videos, of which there are more than 200, Chang Hsu appears in full gear, writing math equations on a green board - everything is reminiscent of a typical classroom and a typical one Math lesson. Most of the time the Differential calculus written on the blackboard, with the solution method described in Mandarin, the language officially recognized in Taiwan.

Pornhub more liberal

The math teacher tried this on other sites - YouTube and XVideos, another Porn sitethat did not allow the publication of educational clips. Videos with Chang Hsu can still be found on YT and Instagram, but the number of viewers on these sites is far lower than on the pornographic content platform. The mathematician said his goal was to raise $ 250.000 through commercial videos so that he could expand his media channel and post more videos.