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Mk-5 - Japan's do-it-yourself single-seat air taxi

The 32-rotor aircraft, the latest version of the single-seat electric Whiz kid (eVTOL) from teTra Aviation is being tested at Byron Airport, California, about 80 kilometers east of San Francisco. It is a machine with a maximum passenger weight of 113 kg and a maximum flight range of 160 km at 160 km / h.

The startup teTra Aviation takes orders for the flying taxi. However, Mk-5 flights are not for everyone. Only a person with a pilot's license can fly it. Interestingly, it is also a self-assembly machine. A kit of parts is provided to the customer and an inspection by the Aviation Authority is required after assembly.

The company behind the project comes from Japan. The design became famous after the GoFly competition of the well-known engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney, which was sponsored by Boeing, had won a cash prize of $ 100.000. This made her one of the most interesting players on the promising Air taxi market. However, both TeTra and many other companies presenting further eVTOL projects or other types of structures are still awaiting decisions from the authorities that will determine whether this new wave of aircraft can be approved for normal commercial use.