Digital Tbucket Tank (DTT)

An object that loses its visibility after being immersed in liquid ...

Japanese scientists have constructed facilities called Rube Goldberg's machines in which the effect of complete invisibility can only be achieved through skillful treatments related to the composition of the oily liquid in which the objects are immersed, so that the refractive index the liquid corresponds to that of the glass object that is immersed in it.

The researchers present two installations in the published film. One is a simple vessel filled with liquid in which a glass plate disappears completely after immersion. The second installation is a rail immersed in liquid on which objects move, with some elements of the rail being completely invisible - we can only see a roller rolling down the stairs, with what you can guess glass with a certain refractive index. The whole thing looks like fun, but the army looking for new ones Camouflage techniques looking, might be interested. The machines from Rube Goldberg owe their name and concept to Rube Goldberg, an American draftsman, sculptor, writer, engineer and inventor. He became famous for a series of popular drawings depicting complex devices with simple tasks. He has been an inspiration for various international competitions where participants are asked to build a complex machine that does a simple job.