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The Star Wars Light Plasma Sword has become a reality

The well-known Hacksmith Internet DIY team of hackers, who translated various concepts from films, comics and games into real devices, constructed a "real", ie plasma-based lightsaber. Although it is not as comfortable as the weapon from "Star Wars" because it unfortunately requires a thick gas supply cable, it looks quite similar to the equipment of Jedi Knights, as can be seen from the video presentations available on the Internet.

The "blade" of this weapon is based on LPG gas plasma, a common mixture of propane-butane, which is heated to a temperature of thousands of degrees Celsius in a special nozzle and then the hot plasma forms a strip with which, for example, objects can be cut can. Experts in the nomenclature of the universe of "Star Wars" call this construction "Proto-Lightsaber", the constructions equipped with power cables are known from comics on the subject. This is not the first time the Hacksmith team has approached the construction of a lightsaber. A few months ago they posted a version on their YouTube channel that used a rod made of tungsten and titanium as a blade, which heated up to almost a degree of whiteness and even cut metal pipes. The advantage of this version is the fact that it was battery operated, i.e. wireless. This version is also known as the "Proto-Lightsaber" from the canon of the "Star Wars" saga.