Digital Tbucket Tank (DTT)

Digital think tank office service

As an entrepreneur, craftsman, start-up entrepreneur or research institution, you have to spend a large part of your time doing office work.

Be it digital archiving and preparation of your documents, data acquisition and data preparation or analysis, the creation of presentations or the planning and execution of mailings - all of this takes up a lot of time that you use more effectively for your core business, for your project and to earn money could.

However, it is not worthwhile for you to hire your own employee for your project, since ongoing wage costs and possible wage replacement benefits in the event of illness or maternity leave and parental leave, as well as setting up a job would simply be uneconomical for you, or the support would only be required for a limited period or project-related becomes.

The advantages of commissioning an external office service are obvious:

  • Saving of fixed wage costs and ancillary wage costs, such as social security contributions and wage replacement benefits
  • Payment based on actual expenditure - full cost control
  • Reliable, fast and confidential processing
  • no running costs for setting up and maintaining an office workplace
  • No additional administrative effort for the preparation of pay slips, the payment of social security contributions and other additional reports (e.g. employers' liability insurance association)
  • Office service expenses can be claimed as business expenses
  • Flexible commissioning depending on requirements, budget and scope

The Digital Think Tank office service professionally takes on one-off or regular projects for you as an external service provider. You decide for yourself which work you want to outsource and to what extent, you maintain absolute cost control and therefore remain flexible in terms of time and finances. The professional, confidential and reliable processing of your orders is important to us.

The data transfer or handover of documents takes place after consultation, usually personally, by e-mail, insured with a courier or via an encrypted data transfer - as required.

Digital archiving and processing

In the course of digitization, it is becoming more and more important for companies to electronically archive their documents and business records. On the one hand, the paperless office saves both paper costs and time spent on properly filing documents. On the other hand, electronic archiving also requires considerably less space and storage space for files. In addition, structured digitally archived documents facilitate document processing, retrieval and legal security of files.

You are free to choose the system for digitizing your documents. The respective system does not have to meet technical standards, nor is it subject to any technical specifications.

However, with the proper digitization of business papers, certain rules and legal requirements must be observed in order to be GoBD-compliant and to meet the principles of data access and verifiability of digital documents (GDPdU). As part of proper bookkeeping, you already use this form of unchangeable, permanent filing and storage of your tax-relevant receipts.

The Digital Think Tank office service also takes over the end-to-end digital archiving of all documents in your office for you. Audit-proof, retrievable and, if required, also searchable (creation of searchable PDF).

We would be happy to discuss the individual options for archiving your documents with you. Take Contact with us!

data collection

For companies and research institutes, reliable and accurate recording of the specific data is essential. Be it the recording of important information in existing databases, the transfer of existing information to a new database, e.g. when changing or setting up a CRM, ERP or PPS system, or the recording of representative surveys or research results.

Often, for such activities, competent and reliable staff are required for a limited period so that day-to-day business is not impaired. In addition to their core business tasks, their own employees often lack the time to quickly and comprehensively take care of data acquisition. From an economic point of view, however, it would not make sense to set up a temporary workstation and hire a temporary employee to collect the data.

As an external service provider, Digital Think Tank offers you special and individual solutions for data acquisition. In addition, you can commission us to process and evaluate your data - as required.

Data preparation and data analysis

If you collect data for your company (e.g. in marketing), as part of your research project or your doctoral thesis, the next step is to professionally prepare and analyze it.

However, the resources to view, clean, format and evaluate the collected data are often lacking.

Digital Think Tank will be happy to advise you on the individual options for processing and analyzing your data so that you can use the knowledge gained from it comfortably and easily.


A well-structured, appealing presentation is essential for the success of a lecture. Companies, institutions, research facilities, universities, colleges, as well as doctoral candidates and students often need professional PowerPoint slides for their presentations.

So it is common that you have to present your company, product or service, strategy, news or research results in front of a demanding audience. An impressive presentation will convince your counterpart of your information. However, in addition to the daily tasks, there is often not enough time to professionally create a varied and informative presentation.

Let Digital Think Tank create your PowerPoint presentation individually according to your specifications and your CI. Depending on your needs, you will receive individual templates and templates (master templates) from our experts, or the content and design optimization of your existing presentation (revision and editing). In addition, we create high-quality, one-off presentations for you on a topic specified by you. Let our know-how inspire your customers and listeners. Fast, flexible, cheap. Feel free to contact us!


In direct marketing, the mailing is a classic advertising medium to address the respective target group directly. A major advantage of the mailing is that, in accordance with Art. 6 Paragraph 1 Letter f of the GDPR, the recipient does not need the explicit consent of the recipient. This means that, in contrast to sending a newsletter, you can reach your (potential) customers in a legally secure manner, unless they expressly object.

Digital Think Tank helps you plan, implement and monitor the success of your mailing. If you wish, we will create a mailing according to your specifications (CI, content, recipient) and ensure that your customer group is impressively informed about your company or your offers. Or do you already have a template and just need reliable support for sending or monitoring your mailing? In this case too, Digital Think Tank is your number 1 contact. We would be happy to make you an individual offer. Feel free to contact us!